LOGO for Melinda Robertson Softer as layered PNG (1)“Highly sought after, well traveled Author and Novelist”

After the release of “Motherhood . . . What You Don’t Know!” Ms. Robertson was contacted by the President of Delta Theta Sigma, Cynthia-Butler, who was so impressed after reading the book that she ordered 75 copies for the Delta’s girls mentoring program. Ms. Robertson was their guest speaker and hosted an open forum to discuss the book in depth with the girls.

D.C. Public Libraries contracted Ms. Robertson to conduct teen workshops at 25 libraries throughout the District of Columbia speaking to young people about sex, teen pregnancy, STD’s, etc. Surprisingly, a lot of teen mothers participated in these workshops and admitted planning their pregnancies.

Ms. Robertson believes that most teen mothers will all agree (although they may never admit it) that had they known then, what they know now, they would NOT have had a baby so young.  

Ms. Robertson was quoted in a Washington Informer article as saying that “teens today seem to view having a baby as a rite of passage but, have no idea of the responsibilities that motherhood entail.” 

Ms. Robertson was one of the panelists at the Annual Teen Take Over Conference held at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with Jeannie Jones (WKYS) and Allison Seymour (Fox 5 News) speaking with youths about career choices, peer pressure, etc. 

 Ms. Robertson was one of the keynote speakers for the Dreamgirls Mentoring Program’s Banquet in Baltimore. Her riveting speech encouraged, empowered and inspired the teen mother graduates to go to college, reach their goals and be committed to their children. 

Ms. Robertson was the guest speaker at Wesley Shelter’s 5th Annual Teen Talk in Wilson, North Carolina and she has conducted teen workshops throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. If you are interested in having Melinda as a guest speaker at your next event, her email address is melinda@motherhoodlove.com.