Cynthia Butler, the former President, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.’s P.G. County Alumnae Chapter purchased 75 copies of “Motherhood . . . What You Don’t Know!” for their girls teen and had  Melinda Robertson  as their Guest Speaker in Columbia, Maryland?mentoring program.

Finally a book to help young ladies UNDERSTAND

By MsSerendipity

I appreciate this book so much. It helps budding young ladies understand that motherhood is not a joke. That baby is not a doll that you can ignore at whim. So many movies and videos seem to glamorize this situation which plagues our community. And from Sista to Sista I want to THANK Ms. Robertson for offering some light because so many are walking in the dark. My 12-year-old daughter read it and LOVED it. It actually helps in our communication efforts. It’s not that easy for me to talk about such things with my daughter and this was the catalyst in getting us comfortable enough to talk about such a sensitive issue. Excellent Read..Holds your attention and that of a teenager as well.. BRAVO!!!!

Life Altering Decisions

By Jennifer Coissiere   “The Tough Critic”

Whether it is looking for love in all the wrong places, peer pressure, or curiosity, teen pregnancy is on the rise. Unfortunately, as children we do not clearly understand how one action can affect the whole family. Motherhood…What You Don’t Know by Melinda Robertson is a novel for teenagers, to help bring to light how fast your life will change when one night of teenage curiosity gets the best of you.

Fifteen-year-old Nicole Washington, just about to start her sophomore year in high school, is an only child to Diane and George Washington. They have high expectations for Nicole. One bad decision to give into her crush’s wish to have sex without protection would turn the Washington’s household upside down. 

This unexpected pregnancy brings to light other underlying issues within the household. George has a hard time dealing with the situation and tries to blame Diane for not paying better attention to Nicole. His view is so clouded by what people are going to think, that he does not want to hear from his daughter or wife no matter what. Will George ever calm down enough to hear his daughter’s point-of-view? Would he even be there for her during this difficult time? Nicole’s attitude towards her parents at times was disrespecting, which did not help the situation. Diane tries to be understanding to what her husband is saying; at the same time she is trying to be understanding of her daughter’s feelings. Diane is the glue that keeps her family together; will she be able to continue to do so?

Motherhood…What You Don’t Know focused on a big issue for families today, but the delivery was not without flaws. Pregnancy is over the course of nine months, and while I did not expect every month to be expressed, the pacing could have been smoother as the storyline moved along a bit too fast. The editing needing more attention and there were areas of this topic that needed more research. Neither the characters nor the scenes were built completely. For example, there really was not a description of what Nicole looked like. I knew that she was fifteen, but that was it. However, the point that the book is trying to make with this storyline is clear. Any parent of a teenage girl should buy and share this reading together. It will make for a great family discussion. The sequel to this book, Fatherhood…What You Ought to Know is expected to be released April 2007.

Jennifer Coissiere
APOOO BookClub

One Family’s Journey

By The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

MOTHERHOOD: WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! by Melinda Robertson is the story of one teen with the world at her fingertips who discovers she is pregnant at fifteen years old, and the trials that ensue. This issue is not that she’s alone, the story highlights how teenage pregnancy can affect the entire family as each member grapples with their own fears and selfishness.

Nicole Washington is entering high school and has aspirations of becoming a cheerleader and participating in every other activity teens dream about throughout high school. One summer day while, at an amusement park, a popular athlete from her high school approaches Nicole, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and thus the story unfolds. What occurs is the loss of her virginity, a hidden pregnancy and a family battle that some could only imagine. 

The effects of the pregnancy are manifested through Nicole, her friends, teachers and many others she comes into contact with. Robertson goes a step further to highlight the cover-up of the teenage male and his family, all in an effort to protect his reputation and impending future. Furthermore, Nicole’s need for love from a male is showcased as the root cause of her dilemma. Her parents’ idiosyncrasies and ideologies come full-circle as well. However, the story could have added more, such as better developed characters. An example of this is the mother’s background and her reasoning for submitting to her husband throughout the years. This was a point the daughter stressed to her mother, however, nothing more was revealed.

Being from a middle-class family, with a working father and a stay-at-home mother, many would assume this would not happen to a girl from her background, because often portrayed and sensationalized is the flip side of the economic coin as it relates to teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy has no boundaries in terms of race, class and economics, and the author drives this point home by highlighting raw emotions and the often fragile state of the family.

Reviewed by Dawn R. Reeves
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers



By Vonte55 “DavonteColes”

Hi, Aunt Linda

This is Davonte and I have just finished reading your book and I was not thinking that this book was going to have an affect on me because I am a male and do not know anything about motherhood. But, this book was great inspirations on me.I could not put this book down and my eyes were locked on this book for 2 days and I was determined to finish this book and I am happy that I have finished and I hope you write a part two and I will be sure to pick one up. I just want to give you a round of applause for an excellent book that you have written.


Excellent Book & An Easy Read

By Shellie M. Monroeon

This is an excellent book! It’s a must read for ALL young people. This book provides a realistic look at the hardships of motherhood. If you think that being a teenage parent is cute or easy — please read this book and learn otherwise. Boys and girls will find this book easy to read and understand. A must-have for every home with young people!


This book should be read by all…young and old.

By Jazzy  

I really took pleasure in reading this book. I enjoyed reading it because it is a book that many can relate to. EVERYTHING you portrayed in the book are true life events that you go through once you become a mother.

This book allows both young women and men (especially young women) to think about their own life and how the decisions they make today can affect them tomorrow. You also give young mothers encouragement and you let it be known that just because you are a mother doesn’t mean your life has to stop.


A Must-Read!

By JourneysMotheron 

If ever there were a book that should be mandatory for young girls to read, this is the one. Addressing the very serious issue of teen pregnancy, this book does not sugar coat the responsibilities that go along with parenting. It is a real in-your-face account of one girl’s struggle as a teen mother. This book is beneficial because it gives a glimpse into the reality of motherhood and shows that it’s certainly not something to be taken lightly. It was written in a way that young people could understand it and relate to it. I, for one, am thankful that this book was written and wholeheartedly suggest that all young girls read this book!


Teenage Motherhood – The real story…

By L. Alexander

This is an excellent book for both adolescent girls and boys as well as teenage/high school age girls/boys. This is a subject that is difficult to discuss and explain but I found that Ms. Melinda Robertson was able to help teenagers take a real look from the inside out and see exactly how their decisions and actions may affect their families as well as help shape the rest of their lives.


Great Eye Opener!

By C. McClain “McClainC”

If you have a young person and would like to remove some of the “romance” from have a baby at a young, unmarried stage of their life and insert some reality into this event, this is a great book to use. It tells the story without preaching to them.