The Underground Railroad was established in the early 1800’s to aid slaves in their escape to freedom, however, according to Melinda Robertson’s latest book, The AboveGround Railroad,” there’s a new system in place that’s systematically stripping away the freedom of innocent black men all across the nation. She wrote this book to bring awareness to what she deems as modern day slavery.

The AboveGround Railroad,” is the story of Henry Madison, a twenty-year old college student wrongfully accused of murdering a fellow student during a brawl on campus. Henry proclaimed his innocence from day one and, his mother, Wanda Madison, stood by his side. The botched investigation conducted by lead detective, Kevin Ratchett, made it clear to Wanda that he and, district attorney, Stacey Fingerman, were trying to “railroad” her one and only son. She watched in disbelief as they conspired against Henry and, threatened potential witnesses, coerced witness statements and, committed perjury for the sake of a conviction. As a mother, Wanda had never felt so helpless, but never once did she feel hopeless, because she knew God would never leave them nor forsake them. She prayed day and night for Henry’s  strength to hold on to his Faith during the darkest moments of his young life. “The AboveGround Railroad,”

Wanda silently fought against Baltimore City’s corrupt judicial system and, found that the corruption actually started at the top, after the States Attorney’s Office refused to investigate the gross negligence and mishandling of Henry’s case. It was like watching a bad episode of Law and Order, but this wasn’t TV, it was her son’s life they were playing with and, as far as Wanda was concerned, they chose the Wrong One’s Son!  She wrote numerous Congressmen, the Justice Department and, even started a petition to bring awareness to the injustice being done to Henry and, vowed to never stop Fighting for his Freedom because simply put, His Life Mattered!!!

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The AboveGround Railroad,” is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. 



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“The Aboveground Railroad ~ Coming in January 2018!”