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Knowledge is Power

“A Black Mother’s Guide: How to Survive the Criminal Justice System!” was written out of necessity because one in every three black boys will go to prison in their lifetime and seventy-two percent of black children are raised by single mothers. It is a compilation of short stories from five Black Mothers about injustice, advocating for the wrongfully convicted, losing children to gun violence, fighting for justice and schizophrenia. It’s a much-needed resource that provides information about arraignments, bail, public defenders, Miranda Rights, etc. that is sure to be one of the most sort after books for generations to come!

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The Journey


The AboveGround Railroad

“The AboveGround Railroad,” is the story of Wanda Madison’s undying love for her son, Henry Madison, a twenty-year old college student wrongfully accused of murdering a fellow student during a brawl on campus. Henry proclaimed his innocence from day one and, Wanda stood by his side. The botched investigation conducted by lead detective, Kevin Ratchett, made it very apparent to Wanda that he and, district attorney, Stacey Fingerman, were trying to “railroad” her son. She watched in disbelief as they threatened potential witnesses, coerced witness statements and, committed perjury for the sake of a conviction. It was like watching a bad episode of Law and Order, but this wasn’t TV, it was her Son’s Life they were playing with and, as far as Wanda was concerned, they chose the Wrong One!!!

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The "Aftermath"

It’s been nearly three years since Wanda Madison’s son, Henry, went on trial for stabbing a fellow student to death during a brawl on the campus of Mercury State University (“MSU”) a prominent HBCU. He was found not guilty of the “bogus” murder charges, but guilty of “accessory after the fact,” a charge added during the trial. The pre-sentencing investigator recommended probation and/or a suspended sentence for the accessory charge because Henry was in his THIRD year of college at the time of the incident and had no prior arrests, but the racist judge gave him the maximum ten-year sentence (suspending two).

The "Aftermath" of "The AboveGround Railroad" picks up at Henry’s sentence modification hearing before Judge Maxelton, an MSU alumni, just like the mother and grandfather of the victim, which was clearly a conflict of interest, therefore, she should have recused herself from the case, instead she denied his request. One week later, the Court of Special Appeals overturned Henry’s conviction, but the day he was to be released he was remanded to the custody of Baltimore’s Booking and Intake Center where he was unlawfully held for months without being booked, charged, or arraigned on new charges, nor given a bail review hearing, violating his constitutional right to due process. Wanda wrote Maryland’s Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and States Attorney’s office, as well as her local Congressmen, however, they all seemed to be more concerned with winning the next election, than the fate of an innocent black man being wrongfully incarcerated. Wanda was relentless in her ongoing quest for justice and vowed to never give up. This poignant story of one mother’s fight for justice and her undying love for her only son is a must read.

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