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Melinda Robertson is an author, activist, and inspirational speaker born and raised in Washington, D.C. Her experience as a teen mother compelled her to write her first novel, “Motherhood… What You Don’t Know!” (2005). She wrote it in an attempt to combat the teen pregnancy epidemic that plagued inner cities for years. “Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” was featured on The Wendy Williams Show in New York City & The Russ Parr Morning Show, two nationally syndicated radio shows. Her follow-up book, “Fatherhood…What You Ought to Know” (2007). Collectively, these books have been instrumental in the declining teen pregnancy rate nationwide and sold over 2,500 copies combined.

Robertson ventured into new territory targeting a more mature audience in her third novel, “Mistaken Identity” (2014). This fast-paced story takes you into the life of Morgan McIntire, a thirty-three-year-old single woman was looking for love in all the wrong places and eventually gets “caught up in the rapture of love” with the different men in her life.

In 2016 Robertson’s twenty-year old son was in his third year of college when he was falsely accused and wrongfully incarcerated for stabbing a student to death during a brawl on the campus of a prominent HBCU. He was taken to trial for first degree murder with no DNA evidence and found Not Guilty of the bogus murder charges, but during the trial the judge “added” an accessory after the fact charge, that wasn’t part of the original indictment. The jury convicted him of this charge and the pre-sentencing investigator recommended a suspended sentence or probation because he had No Priors, but the judge gave him the maximum ten-year sentence and Robertson vowed to never stop fighting for her son’s freedom. She wrote about her fight for justice in “The AboveGround Railroad,” (2018), written to expose America’s “unfair and unjust” criminal justice system. The story opens the night of the stabbing and takes readers through the trial and endless court appearances. Robertson is confident that her story will encourage other mothers and teach them how to effectively advocate for their sons as they navigate their way through a system designed to kill, steal and destroy the essence of who their sons are, black men!

Robertson is the Founder of “Black Mothers 4 Justice,” a 501(c)(3) (pending), non- profit organization. It’s a support system created for Black Mothers whose sons are wrongfully (or rightfully) incarcerated; forced to cop to crimes they didn’t commit; and serving maximum sentences for minor offenses. Robertson says Black Mothers have been “suffering in silence” for years and she’s committed to teaching them how to cope with their hurt, pain, shame and guilt without being judged. She hopes to connect Black Mothers from city to city, and state to state, so they can Stand together in Solidarity to make their voices heard and create change in the judicial system for generations to come!

Robertson will be releasing her sixth book, “A Black Mother’s Guide: How to Survive the Criminal Justice System,” in the Spring. It’s a much-needed resource for single mothers if their son (or daughter) is arrested because statistics show that 1 in 3 black males will go to prison in their lifetime! In addition, Robertson will be hosting the 1st Annual Mother and Son workshop with her son in Washington, D.C. The purpose of this 2-in-1 workshop is to have open dialogue about the struggles of single mothers raising boys. Her son will share the “untold” truth about life behind prison walls because rappers glorify going to jail in their music and videos like it’s a rite of passage but hearing the truth may save their son’s lives!!!