Author Melinda Robertson’s experience as a teen mother compelled her to write her first book, “Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” (2005). At that time eleven and twelve-year old girls were having babies at an alarming rate in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia so she wrote “Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” to educate them about the responsibilities that came with being a teen mother. It was written to serve two purposes: a) to teach girls what “not” to do in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and, b) to embrace, empower and encourage teens who’re already mothers. “Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” was featured on “The Wendy Williams Experience” in New York City and “The Russ Parr Morning Show,” two nationally syndicated radio shows, garnering sales from as far away as Kentucky, Tenessee and Louisiana.

“Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” is the story of Nicole Washington, a fifteen-year old honor roll student who got pregnant her first-time having sex and attempted to hide her pregnancy from her parents. It’s a journey through motherhood that Nicole, like many other teens, knew nothing about until her belly was stretched to the limits, baby daddy was long gone and she was up at three o’clock in the morning with a crying baby, that reality set in and her life was changed forever. “Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” teaches girls what NOT to do!

Author Melinda Robertson’s follow-up book in 2007, “Fatherhood…What You Ought to Know!” was equally successful. “Fatherhood…What You Ought to Know!” is the story of two fifteen-year old boys growing up in the streets of Washington, D.C. without their fathers and the impact their absence has on their lives. Raynard Channing ‘aka’ Ray-Ray never knew his father, and Tommy Edwards’ father abandoned him and his little brother when Tommy was ten years old.  “Fatherhood…What You Ought to Know!” deals with real life situations that the two friends struggle with (i.e. peer pressure, raging hormones, violence, death, etc.) as they seek answers to questions only their absent father’s can answer.  The story also emphasizes how thousands of young African American teens are doing TWENTY to LIFE for being with the wrong crowd, or simply trying to PROVE a POINT! It’s a REAL in YOUR FACE book that teaches young males that the choices they make today has a major impact on their future!